Tickle and Rapture boasts one of the finest teams of analysts, designers, marketing gurus and copywriters available today. We have worked with multiple companies representing a variety of industries. We are here to help you and your business succeed. 


Does one or more of these common issues describe your business?

  • Your website delivers poor sales and marketing performance in spite your company having good products or services line-up.
  • Your company has difficulty understanding the complexities and vagaries of online marketing.
  • You have tried every possible trick including hiring some Google Adwords consultants or SEO company but have failed on the performance front.
  • You believe the web is a critical component of your business and deserves more attention.
  • You face a dark stagnation of analysis since you hear differing and sometimes almost conflicting reports on how to succeed online

Don’t worry, these are common problems that most of our clients have faced. Put our experience in correcting these and other issues to work for you.


What is the root cause of your problem?

The problem with most of our competitors is that they focus on Tactics in marketing- focusing on only one or two aspects of your marketing needs. At Tickle and Rapture, we focus on successful Strategy- a holistic approach to marketing. Our Strategy integrates multiple aspects of marketing with the goal of driving “high quality leads” that are sure to bump up your revenue and drive sustainable profits. Without this integration, you shooting in the dark, wasting time and resources and achieving nothing.


How are we different?

Diagnosis Oriented: We approach every firm in a very scientific way that means we will first diagnose the root cause of your problems. We seek to understand your traffic and conversion goals and only after we are completely aware of the situation do we make suggestions.

Integration Driven: Our integration strategies are always deployed at the right time, and for the right reason. It also ensures continuous focus on those impediments which are obstructing your growth.

Right Traffic: We have told our clients many times that traffic by itself is of no use if it doesn’t translate into sales, so focus should be on driving the right kind of traffic and not just any traffic.

Ideal Positioning Methodology: Our totally unique Conversion Kaleidoscope allows you to take a short cut in positioning your products and services, thereby boosting your sales and achieving a higher investment return.

Efficient Marketing: We truly believe that every website visitor is a potential customer and to that end we have the single minded pursuit of targeting only those customers who can drive sales, vastly reducing unproductive costs in marketing and bumping up revenue margins. 

Prioritization: Outsourcing your marketing to us allows you to focus on your core areas and frees up your resources to concentrate on your product.

Complete & Total Accountability and Transparency: For us transparency is not just a word, it is a way of life and we keep you in the loop so that you can have an insight of how the marketing strategy is panning out and thereby take well informed decisions.


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