Did you know that the words you use on your website could be the most important factor in determining your success? For years we have developed action oriented copywriting with the single goal of maximizing your profits. Every word is optimized to generate visits, increase visitor interest in your products and create more conversions. Get started today!


Why is copywriting important?

One of the greatest online myths is that the design of your website is the number one influencing factor for increasing conversions. This is only partially correct. While effective design can draw in potential customers,  the words you use are the single most important factor in online marketing. Your message cannot be delivered by design alone, its necessary to tell your customers more about your product or service with the correct tone and weight of your copy. Your websites copy will also assist in Search Engine Optimization.


Which technique do we use?

Our approach to copywriting is innovative, but retains industry best practices. It has been honed, sharpened and perfected over time to accurately depict your services, attract the viewer and entice them to purchase your products. Our method works phenomenally well across sectors ranging from IT, Telecom, Print media and Financial services. Well written copy will take your site to the next level.


Advantages of sales copywriting

The best salesman your company can have is the words that are used to represent your product. This is the salesman who will work for you 24/7 without any commissions! Our high performance sales copywriting will ensure that you maximize your sales generating potential. Generation and preparation of a sales copy is at the very heart of this process of sales copywriting and without an excellent copy it would be very difficult if not impossible to make online marketing a profitable venture.

Tone, texture and weight are key factors in successful copy. Your tone needs to be appropriate for they audience- bankers prefer more formal speech and a drier approach would be appropriate while content aimed at children should be playful and fun. The texture and use of slang also needs to be moderated so that the audience feels a connection with your business. Complexity of vocabulary should also be taken into account. While your audience may be well educated, large words and excessive verbiage can slow down the conversion process and prevent conversions.

Tickle & Rapture understands this and will work with your company to ensure that the copy we produce is optimized for you audience.


The need for sales copywriting

It doesn’t matter how good your website is, if you don’t have a credible sales pitch to back you up, you won’t be able to count on holding your audiences’ attention. The entire focus of sales copywriting is strategically driven. Every word needs to be in the right place. Every sentence should be composed to motivate visitors to action. Every part of your website should be strategically used with a single minded purpose of driving sales and optimizing traffic and reducing cost overheads. A well derived strategy is not a one off process, it applies to all of your marketing material.


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