Do you want a website that generates sales for your company? Don’t end up with a website that is all style and no substance. Tickle & Rapture specializes in generating and maximizing your leads to significantly increase your volume of sales through a combination of online marketing and effective design.


What is the role of your website?

Your website is the single most important element of online marketing. Potential customers will judge your business based the quality and usability of your website. The traffic that you generate is delivered to the website and it is through this that traffic that potential customers are converted into actual clients: a well designed and optimized website will increase your revenue. Your website is not just a portal for your customers but is a reflection of your company; the design of your website needs to project the values and  style of your business.


Web Marketing vs. Web Design

The complexities of internet marketing mean that it is no longer enough to put out a stylish website, instead what you need is an effective marketing strategy to go along with the website design.

While web designers can come up with alluring websites, they are not capable of properly marketing and furthering your business goals and objectives. We combine marketing and great design to deliver websites that in turn deliver high quality performance.


Advantages of partnering with us: 

Strategic and high performing design: Our unique design process ensures that every element of conversion process i.e. converting browsers to buyers is incorporated in the website. Our experience has shown even small changes can cause up to a whopping 200% increase in conversions as reported by our clients. Our design is such that the location of buttons, figures and text is solely designed to optimize conversion.

Integration of SEO: Our experience shows that for maximum performance SEO strategy should be incorporated into the website and this is where our team of highly experienced SEO experts comes into play.

Sales Copywriting: While the design of your website can be beautiful to look at, it needs to say something about your business as well. Our copywriting team provides written content that will delight your visitors and tell them more about what you do.

Element of Credibility: This is the most important aspect of any online marketing. Even the most successful campaigns fall flat for the need of credibility and hence people have to trust you in order to buy from you. We emphasize building a connection with the site’s audience to win over their trust. We also incorporate credibility builders like testimonials, awards and certifications that will make your potential clients trust that your service or product is something that they need.

Call-to-action: If a call to action is properly designed with fonts, colors, attention grabbing words, it could improve performance by at least 20% and sometimes as high as 200%. We use our proven techniques derived from years of experimenting and research to deliver you time tested and successful calls-to-action

Continuous Monitoring: Your website will be monitored continuously by state of the art tracking code that will tell us more about your visitors and how to turn them into customers

Website design and marketing is a necessary investment and our focus is on getting it right the first time so you can start reaping the benefits immediately.


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