Mobile video views have skyrocketed by 400%, according to a study detailed at Marketing Pilgrim. The study shows how mobile smart phone users are using their phones: to watch videos.

These can be videos of any type: from Facebook (which I’m sure a lot of them are because of their ingenious auto-play feature) to simply browsing through youtube videos with phone in hand.

This begs the question regarding our marketing. If so many people are interested in watching something on their phone, thus proving we are indeed a visual culture, what are you doing to market to them visually through that phone?

We need to build our marketing platforms according to the demands and trends of the consumer. If we are mainly doing print ads when they are watching videos on their smart phones, well, what do you think they are going to see? Surely it’s not our print ad.

So what are we doing to advertise and market to the senses of the 21st century consumer?