Today we have one of the best lists ever put together regarding the tools every social media marketer should be using. Even if you are not a social media marketer by profession, and simply taking care of your business’ social media on your own, you will want to take a look at this list.

What we have here is a compilation of the best social media apps that everyone involved in this industry should be aware of; there are cool apps like tweetbot that will take control of your all-important twitter platforms.

Another app you might want to be aware of is the WordPress itself app, which connects you directly to your (most likely used) WordPress site and allows you to do updates in the moment and on the move.

You probably know by now that having instantaneous access to your company website and being able to up date it in the moment is essential. More essential than that would be the idea of connecting to your social media platforms on an instant basis. To have that ability to update and post to Facebook and Twitter is essential to driving your social media and thus your business to the forefront of the discussion.

Some of the best apps around, use them today and unlock the power of the Internet for your site today.

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