When I was a kid, I was taught never to talk back to an adult. It was considered rude and disrespectful. In many ways, this type of child-rearing prepared kids to be somewhat passive when it came to the so-called authority figures in their lives.

But we live in a different generation, now, don’t we? It’s a generation where we are encouraging people to emote and share. It’s a generation of equality and feedback, where everybody ought to have a voice.

Stepping into this idea is XAPPMedia, a new service that brings directed ads to people via media, and then provides them with further options through voice control.

Have a look:

As we see this type of direct, consumer-specific type of marketing and brand selling, we are motivated to ask ourselves: What are we doing to target our audience and bring relevant information to them about our products that fits their lifestyle?

This can be a tall order, since it appears at first that we are asking how we can market individually to each and every single person out there. But that doesn’t have to be the case if we see the interconnectivity of social media and realize how to harness that power for our own good in marketing. Social media helps us to see what people are gravitating towards, interested in, and looking forward to.

This becomes important for us because it gives us that window by which we can engage with people and interact with them. Through this window we see that people want to engage with us and talk. So let them talk, and while they do let them know you are here to listen to them.