A recent report on the spending patterns of mobile users, both men and women, via various gaming platforms was recently conducted. It’s results are surprising and also very relevant for all marketing endeavors, regardless of whether you are involved in the gaming industry or not.

One thing the study noted was that male gamers overwhelmingly responded to video presentation and ads, whereas females were attracted to the Facebook platform.

Here’s where this comes in handy for us. We want to have the most impact in the most direct way possible for our marketing. From this study it appears that this will be different depending on what gender you are focusing on.

If your focus is the male population, then you should aim your ad campaigns in canned, video presentations that appeal to the senses. If you are aiming your campaign towards women, then you should be concentrating on having a presence on the Facebook platform.

Now, what happens when your product is for both men and women? Well, if you want to be successful in the marketing of this product, you will have a 2-pronged approach. 1 side will be focused entirely upon men, and the other will be focused entirely upon women. Is it worth it to have such a divided ad campaign, which in the end may be costly?

Well, according to this study, it is absolutely worth it. The long term effects of such an ad campaign more than justify the efforts in such a 2 pronged approach. Be direct and specific in your campaigns, and you will see the results.