Reports coming today that Samsung has done it again. What is it this time? They have boosted wifi speeds to five times their normal rate.

The company says its 60GHz WiFi technology will increase data transfer speeds from 108MB per second today to up around 575MB per second on the new devices expected next year.

Why is this important to us? Marketing. That’s why. Every post they make, every piece of news they make…it all ties in. Do you see the last few words above? “On the new devices expected next year.” What devices are these? Well, all…but especially their own.

Samsung will use this news as a marketing ploy to push their own smartphones up against the iPhone in no time. And the various pieces of news they are dropping about advances in technology all tie in to their marketing endeavors.

When you think about your content, your marketing, your product…does it all tie together? Perhaps it’s time to start thinking in that way and building now for the future.