With the increasing volume of website data, many businesses are often confused about the handling of the data and are unable to convert data into useful information and this information into increased profits. The result is a shabby marketing plan which acts as a sinkhole of both time and financial resources, giving little or no returns.

Did you know that with the help of a proven and experienced web data analyst you can access profits which are currently being wasted by marketing to the wrong audience? With years of valuable experience in this field, we have setup turnkey solutions which withstand the test of time and deliver on the performance front repeatedly. We simplify web data for our users, enhancing overall user experience and allowing you to focus on your core activities for growth.


What we do for you

We help you to define and maintain a continuous track of your KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) and other online marketing matrices in order to evaluate your progress and help your business grow.

We will give you a detailed analysis of how users interact and engage with your website. With this information, we orient your website with the target customer in mind taking into account his preferences, his duration of stay on the website, and average number of visits. With this information we can undertake testing and optimization of your landing pages and crucial conversion indicators. These numbers can also indicate how to increase the number of visitors and more accurately promote your goods and services.

Using the advanced tools at our disposal, we can more effectively utilize current Search Engine Optimization and Search Engine Marketing campaigns. Our work doesn’t end there. We continuously evaluate your site’s data to helps us to plug any loopholes and remove any impediments that may be on the horizon. Ultimately, we seek to integrate all these strategies into one cohesive unit so that all act in concert and not at the expense of each other in order to maximize your gains.

We also keep a check on which campaigns or websites are performing according to expectations and underperforming, this helps us to plug loopholes of underperforming websites or if necessary completely close them down, thereby saving costs while increasing return on investment. Because of our highly energetic team, there is a continuous focus on the future and we lay great emphasis to that simply because internet is a changing world and if we don’t adapt, we are bound to perish and fail.


Usage of Google Analytics 

We use Google Analytics as our primary data analytics instrument simply because it is the most effective data collection tool available and has very powerful tools to handle this data. Where it is appropriate we also customize the entire program to offer you better control and extended functionality to help you utilize and interpret the data.

Google Analytics is a tool that should enhance marketing efforts, not overwhelm them.  We help you learn to use this data to enhance your marketing efforts and achieve real demonstrable and measurable results that drive sales boost profits and return on investment.


Contact us today to find out how Website Analytics can improve your website’s performance.

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