What is SEO?

Need a powerful SEO strategy that stands the test of time?

At Tickle & Rapture, we understand that your Search Engine ranking is the most important asset of your online presence. We can enhance your rankings and increase targeted visitors to your site with our unique strategy. With our team of experts, we increase your search engine ranking, improve the quality of visitors to your site and ensure that your conversion rates go up.


Boost your Page Rank and Revenue with our unique SEO Approach

Search Engine Optimization from our company is unlike anything you may have tried so far! With our unique service, we are able to integrate website conversion data, web analytics and marketing targets with SEO strategies, which in return maximizes and optimizes your target traffic and investment returns.


Why is it so critical for Search Engine Optimization to have an integrated approach?

Even if you manage to draw huge traffic flows to your website, these numbers are meaningless until these visitors buy your products; focus should not be on traffic alone but on the right kind of traffic. High traffic does not necessarily mean conversions. If there is an issue on your site that prevents prospective customers from finding the information they are looking for they can move on to a competitor. It is imperative that each step along the path to conversion is properly analyzed before any SEO service can be successful. This is why we suggest taking a look at one of our Client Strategy Programs to make improvements  to your entire online presence.

SEO services that we provide:

  • Complete analysis of your website: This is important as it helps us to understand your website, its strength and weakness, in order to optimize and refine your SEO, content management and social media strategies so that it is friendly to both the search engine and the sales drivers.
  • Thorough Keyword Research: We analyze and identify for you the best keywords which will bring maximum investment returns within the shortest possible time. There are various strategies that we can deploy like competing with keywords which are used by your competitors or going in for words which are not used by other companies but are nevertheless important.
  • On site Optimization: This involves strengthening your website by plugging loopholes in the internal linking structures, meta and title tags, thus improving your page rank.
  • Optimizing Social Media Strategies: Social media includes blogs apart from the regular social websites. We create your account on social websites and share content in order to kick start social signals, which are increasingly becoming an important factor in page rankings.
  • Building & Managing Links: We work with relevant sites to increase the number of websites that link back to you, increasing search engine results as well as your positive presence online.
  • Content Marketing: This is the heart of we do and we treat it as our number one priority. Content Marketing is the key step to increasing traffic and tends to have a snowball effect, improving traffic numbers exponentially over time.


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