Facebook has emerged the most effective and important marketing platform available to business. As of May, 2013 Facebook has 1.11 billion registered users, which is 1/6th of the world population. No online optimization or marketing strategy can be successful without including and understanding the importance of Facebook. If you do not have an effective Facebook marketing strategy, you risk losing potential customers and market share to your rivals. Not only is Facebook a marketing powerhouse directly, but if a company ignores social media, they risk falling out of touch with their customer base.


How do we help with Facebook Advertising?

Facebook usage for companies has evolved over the past few years and competition is becoming intense. It is no longer enough to have a Facebook page and respond to queries of your customers. It is for this reason that our highly experienced staff have developed a unique Blended Social Media Technique, a way to reach the people who are most likely to support your product.

Well Blended Social Media Techniques: This unique technique involves blending your company products with industry related news and sharing it on your company Facebook page. This combination of strategies is then used with Ads on Facebook to target a specific audience. This is the most cost-effective and efficient way of driving your social traffic and increasing the all-important Likes.

Creation of Loyal and Ardent Fan Base: With our continuous focus on quality rather than quantity, we bring you closer to your most loyal supporters, helping you gauge the mood of your customers, giving you raw and direct insights into the market and achieving a greater realization of sales and improving your return on investment because of your greater connection with your fans.

Measurement of Facebook Investment Returns: The most important benefit that social media and Facebook, in particular, offers is that there are real and demonstrable results; you can effectively track the effect of your investment in online marketing and whether it is achieving your goals. This is the reason why we continuously track social media and other conversion metrics and report the results to you every month. Monthly reviews also helps us to optimize and improve your social community so that it can grow faster.

Community Management: This is the most critical aspect of Facebook advertising, especially in the long term. Your Facebook community is like a family and it is where you will get some of the most honest feedback and sometimes even reports of issues with your products; apart from this it can also help you increase your social media footprint, because the message that you post will be shared and liked by many users, each with their own community of friends and family. Each share and like further markets your products and it tends to have a snowball effect- enabling you to reach a far wider audience at very little cost. Social Marketing is the future and Tickle & Rapture here to help turn your fans into potential clients!


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