New research from Marketing Pilgrim on Twitter, its users and their shopping preferences during the holiday season. Apparently, twitter users are some of the happiest, money-spending people around. This new research shows there is a large degree of spenders who are willing to spend more than $1,000 this holiday season on gifts and what not.

In addition to this research it also shows a predominance of viewing on twitter with regard to these various spending habits. For example, people are following and tracking certain businesses and industries right now that they are interested in shopping from.

With a large degree of people willing to shop and buy from what they see on twitter, it may make sense for certain businesses to focus, at least for this particular time period, on twitter as their main social media marketing platform. One could safely conclude that if any business does not have a real presence on twitter as of right now, then they are really missing out on a particularly effective and huge market.

As we market to our clients, we have to know where our clients are at and what they are looking at. This research shows without a shadow of a doubt that many people are looking today at twitter. Are you giving them something to look at? That’s really the question of the day that you should consider as you think about your marketing during this upcoming holiday season!

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