You’ve got the product. You’ve got the service. But yet, there’s something missing? What is it?

Let me hazard a guess for you: Your customer service could use a good jolt of social media marketing. Yup. You heard that correctly…social media marketing.

I know, every time you think of social media marketing you place it in the category of advertising for your product. How in the world could it possibly help something like customer service?

This is precisely where you need it most. Getting on social media outlets like Facebook or Twitter is crucial to getting the word out about your readily available and deeply professional customer service. And the reason this becomes so very important is because people will take notice. They will see that you are utilizing the same outlets they use, and they will thus see how easy it is to get in contact with you.

Do you see how the two go hand in hand together? They really do complement one another and belong together. So let’s show people that you are available in the outlets they are looking at.

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