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Telling Stories

November 4, 2014

Good PR is essential to a start-up. But how does one go about getting that PR and making yourself bankable in the eyes of the press? Find out today in this great article from inc. Read and enjoy!

How Do You Keep Up?!?

October 30, 2014

Running your own business is a full time job! Marketing it is even a fuller time full time job! And keeping up with all those business acquaintances in your network on top of all this makes for an impossible job! […]

There’s No Way Around It…Productivity Sells

October 27, 2014

What in the world does that mean? Well, for starters it reminds us that hard work pays off; usually in dividends. In order to succeed in business, you have to be constantly moving, progressing, challenging yourself and everyone else who’s […]

Facebook and Your Customer Service: A match made in internet heaven

October 24, 2014

You’ve got the product. You’ve got the service. But yet, there’s something missing? What is it? Let me hazard a guess for you: Your customer service could use a good jolt of social media marketing. Yup. You heard that correctly…social […]

How’s Your Social Life?

October 23, 2014

A relevant article today detailing how small to medium sized businesses allocate the majority of their marketing budgets on social media. To be more specific, it appears that most of their marketing is geared towards the Facebook social media platform. […]

Is your mat replaceable?

October 16, 2014

Interesting new product coming out, it’s called the Smartmat. What is it? It’s a yoga mat that is meant to replace your yogi…your instructor. It uses calibrated sensors and your smartphone to assess your body position during various yoga positions. […]

This is sure to get ears ringing…

October 15, 2014

Reports coming today that Samsung has done it again. What is it this time? They have boosted wifi speeds to five times their normal rate. The company says its 60GHz WiFi technology will increase data transfer speeds from 108MB per […]

The Article You Should Have Read 2 Years Ago

October 10, 2014

Facebook. It’s been around for what seems like forever. And it is no less popular than when it first started. Everyone is on Facebook. Friends, businesses, places of interest. It seems these days that everyone has a Facebook page. But…it’s […]

Take it one foot in front of another

October 8, 2014

Ever see a baby take its first steps? Things are always a bit shaky…a bit tentative…a bit awkward. Just like that baby, our first steps in starting up a new business can be just as shaky and most assuredly awkward. […]

“I Don’t Know”

October 6, 2014

3 tiny words (yes, I know one’s a contraction…but stick with me, here): I. Don’t. Know. Every leader ought to know them. Every leader ought to use them. Today at inc. Mark Suster shares one of the most important blog […]