Tickle & Rapture offers a wide range of services that can benefit your business. Our goal is to turn your business around with effective marketing, design and analysis. While we offer our services individually, we encourage you to take part in our One Day Strategy Session to see if what we do is right for you. After this free audit, we offer a Gold Client Program as well as a Platinum Client Program for clients who decide to commit. If you have a good marketing strategy in place, but need help in a specific area, we would be glad to help. Contact us for availability and see what we can do for your business.

This is what we offer:

CRO (Conversion Rate Optimization) – Conversions aren’t only about quantity. Using your site’s data, we target the visitors who are most likely to become customers.

Facebook and Social Media Marketing – In order to successfully market your product, you need to take it to Facebook. Increase visits and conversions learn more about how people feel about what you offer.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) – Ensure that your business is easy to find and appears at the top of the list in Search Engines like Yahoo! and Google. SEO strategy is the best investment that your company can make to increase revenue and visits.

Web Design – Does your website look like it was made 10 years ago? A poorly constructed website can cost you valuable traffic and prevent visitors from learning more about what you do. Learn how we can effectively redesign your website and increase your revenue.

Landing Pages – SEO needs a support system to be effective. Our experts can create landing pages that encourage engagement and increase revenue.

Website Copywriting – While website design is a very important factor in conversion, ultimately the words that the visitor reads is what encourages them to buy. Make your website speak to your customers.

Email Marketing – One of the most effective forms of marketing is through your customer’s inbox. We create beautiful and informative email marketing that encourages your subscribers to buy your product.

Reputation Management – Don’t let one bad review destroy your online reputation. Our experts can drown out the negative noise with well placeed positive reviews and strategic positioning of your business.

Website Analytics – We comb through your website’s data to find out who visits your site, what they do when they get there and what makes them buy. Don’t run your website blind- let us take a look at your numbers so we can increase visits and revenue.


Contact us today to get started on a plan for your business.