Now more than ever, a carefully managed reputation can take only minutes to destroy. Recent surveys show that almost three quarters of consumers research their prospective companies online for reviews before buying anything. Don’t let one bad review keep potential customers away. Tickle and Rapture harnesses our unique reputation management techniques to ensure that only positive reviews and opinions are displayed and nothing negative, which could damage your brand, is visible.


Importance of Reputation Management

Did you know that roughly 75% of people research and survey companies and brands before purchasing them, it is very important that the reputation of the company or brand is well maintained. If the first page of Google contains articles or webpages that are critical of your brands or products then it can do incalculable damage to your company, so it is important to preserve your reputation at all costs.

We can help you to further this cause by pushing the ranks of those articles and web pages which are favorable for your reputation right to the first page of Google. Good reputation on the first page of Google is particularly important as roughly 90% of users don’t bother to visit other pages. We can also undertake a more sustained campaign to replace or outrank negative or critical articles with favorable ones.

We have two programs Strategic Review and Ongoing Management that form the backbone of our reputation management services.


Strategic Review

A comprehensive strategic review is done in order to analyze your current state of reputation. This exhaustive review seeks to identify sites which are favorable to you and your brands, sites which are hostile to you and lastly sites which give a neutral opinion. After this stage, a robust strategy is developed to enhance the competitiveness of positive sites in order to outrank the negative ones.

We also make use of comprehensive and time tested social media and SEO strategies to ensure that the positive opinion and reviews about your company and products effectively drown out those few negative opinions which may surface. Even the most successfully run businesses can have a few customers with bad experiences, we aim to drown out those opinions with the testimonials of satisfied customers.

We make comprehensive reports and document each and every finding. The reports also contain recommendations of our assessments and how to manage them.


Ongoing Management

After the analysis and strategy formulation comes the implementation phase. The strategy implementation process to manage your reputation will normally involve:

  • Establishment of new websites and online properties
  • Creation of new social media platforms
  • Using the leverage of popular websites
  • Effective use of link building strategies

The sole purpose of what we do is to simply limit the coverage and publicity of negative articles or reviews thereby preserving and protecting your company’s or brand’s reputation.

This method of reputation management is perfectly legal, since we do not infringe on anybody’s right to post, we simply advertise or promote the positive reviews so that they gain more publicity than the negative ones.