Very, very interesting news regarding the closing down of Yahoo’s search engine. In light of the popularity of Google now for many, many years, the “original” search engine simply lost relevance.

This is interesting because as noted, Yahoo! was essentially the google of its day. Everyone and anyone used the service. But with the onset of google, Yahoo! was quickly replaced. Now that google is accepted as a term (“Just google it”) we see how far Yahoo! has fallen to the way side.

This leads to an interesting question for us: Are we in fear of losing our own relevancy in our particular market field? As more and more businesses rise up in our particular area, are we striving to maintain relevancy in a shifting market and field? Are we looking for innovative ways to stay at the cusp of the discussion, rather than getting subsumed under the tide?

If these are questions we have to pause and give thought to, then we really need to take a moment to reassess. Because if we don’t, we may find ourselves out-Yahoo’ed by that googling crowd.