It’s rain season in the Philippines, and that means it’s ad season for Cebu Airlines! Wait, how does that go together? Well, the ad company for Cebu Airlines quite winsomely developed a new campaign. Take a look here:


This is brilliant! Everybody knows the ravaging effects of monsoon season on the city, and now this ad is using it to their benefit. One thing for sure is that everyone will be talking about these ads,which only come out in the rain weather! Talk about a great way to get people to talk and to think about your product.

That begs a question for our own marketing? How brilliant is it? How many people will be talking about it today and then tomorrow? What’s it leading people towards…

Does it give them ideas? This one sure did since it led to a spike of 37% in online bookings for the company.

Our commentary needs to strive at being progressive, whimsical, and on target. And here’s another interesting tid bit from the article:

Weather is such an important consideration for tourists and the ad managed to target consumers when they’re most susceptible to thinking about a holiday — when its raining. What’s interesting about this campaign is that it manages to achieve this targeting without any digital technology.

So let’s take stock of the weather today…are the winds of change shifting? Are we beginning to see something a bit on the horizon? Are people beginning to talk? That’s what our ads should do. Get them talking…