Recently, Facebook disclosed its 3rd quarter earnings, and during the conference Mark Zuckerberg took the time to address where Facebook is going as a whole.

In the conference he explained that video is everything these days. Where before it used to be text that users were sharing with one another, now it is videos being shared all over the social media giant.

By making it so easy to share a video on one’s “wall,” with friends, and in private messages, it makes sense for Zuckerberg to conclude this.

So this, then, begs the question from us as marketers: Where does video fit into your overall marketing platform and budget?

If you find yourself spending all your money on print ads and infographics, you need to reconsider and think through more clearly how people use Facebook, how they interact with it and go about sharing information with friends.

By far the most shared thing we see happening on Facebook is the sharing of videos. So think about producing well made and written videos for mass consumption. Use them to get your message out about products, brand marketing, visions for the future. Appeal to the youth of your demographic and you will certainly see results.

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