Ray Rice and his domestic troubles have been all over the internet lately. It’s sad, isn’t it? For a person who possesses so much talent to have such a destructive nature and stigma about him. With all of the media attention surrounding him, it can really bring the rest of the team down.

What do you do, in fact, when you have such a talented member of a team who has a destructive attitude in your own business? I mean,  they bring so much to the table. We want to keep them because of their value. But they bring others down.

Helping us with this difficult question today is the this article from Small Business Trends. In it they give advice as to how to handle such “problem children.” For example, you may want to spend time envisioning the positive benefits of your company if they were not a part of it. And as you do so, spend some time thinking about the loss your company would entail without them.

For more advice on this important topic, take a look at this timely article.