Social media can be a “wiggly wabbit,” meaning that it’s very easy to get lost in it and suddenly become very unproductive during the day (trust me, I’ve gone down that rabbit trail a time or two). But does that mean we need to, or should, jettison the entire thing altogether? Not necessarily. And that’s the very point of what I would like to think is a very important article for us today: 5 ways to not get sucked into the social media black hole.

The very premise of the article is such:

There’s a big difference between checking social media to stay in-the-know, and using it to procrastinate on things you need to do.

And this is something we have to keep in mind at all times. If we completely ignore Facebook, Twitter, and whatever other platform of social media we are currently using because it is causing us to procrastinate, well…we are in essence throwing the proverbial “baby out with the bath water.”

We can’t do this. Social media is a link between our businesses and our customers. It is a portal by which we can see what they are looking at, what they are interested in, and it becomes a tool by which we can more directly interface with them. So to say that it is sucking our time away from us and causing us to procrastinate simply means that we are using it incorrectly.

What we need, then, is a corrective. And that’s what we have in this here article today. It is a corrective in how we ought to use and harness this powerful tool for the sake of our industry.

The article gives us 5 ways in which we can control and limit ourselves on social media. For example, there are apps you can install that will help log the amount of time you are on social media sites and keep track of your usage. Such apps will give helpful reminders that it’s time to get off or do something else.

Now again, let’s be clear in what we’re saying: Social media in and of itself is not the problem, it’s how we use it. So take a look at this article and employ it today so you can start using social media the right way, and in essence, stop chasing down those rabbit trails.