More and more studies are pointing in the direction of low impact exercises. The fact that there is no heavy impact between the limbs and a hard surface has grabbed the attention of young and old individuals looking to increase their quality of life.

According to these findings a low impact routine is able to increase cardiovascular health, avoid the damage of joints and effectively burn calories which promote weight loss. More importantly, it’s a good place to start for beginners, especially in the field of fitness.

For those who are interested in experimenting with low impact exercise there are various methods available. These include walking, bodyweight training, paddling, swimming, circuit workouts, cardio equipment and cycling. It is recommended that beginners start slowly and work their way into more intense sessions. For example, 5 minutes three times a week will prove to be sufficient. The aim is to steadily increase time and difficulty.

Research shows that low impact fitness activities are very effective when it comes to preventing and treating cardiovascular disease. In addition it can increase the healing process of damaged joints. The latter is probably one of the biggest reasons why people are turning to low cardiovascular workouts. In essence it provides a fitness routine without placing pressure on joints that might be painful. When it comes to losing weight then cycling and swimming are among the best choices. An hour of cycling typically burns about 300 calories without the risk of injuries.

Given the extensive benefits and medical support the revolution of low impact training is on the rise. It has inspired innovative thinking towards the first independent indoor cycling studio from TORQ Cycles in Hong Kong as can be seen at and there is no telling what will come next. However, it is more than apparent that low cardiovascular workouts are the way of the future.