The Tickle and Rapture Platinum Client Program  is our most prestigious program. We suggest that before beginning with our Platinum Program you to sign up for our free training sessions about lead generation and partner with our firm to try out our Gold Client program so that we get to know each other better. Once you are convinced of our performance we can take it to the next level with our through analysis and comprehensive marketing management to increase your profits.


Who can benefit from this program?

Established businesses that want to use direct response marketing campaigns to boost their sales.

Companies with  a solid foundation in place and are only looking for a push to gather momentum and generate buzz around your products.

Firms with strong fundamentals and great potential and plenty of upside opportunities.

Flexible companies that are capable of adapting to the changing needs of the internet.

Businesses with a no nonsense approach towards boosting profits and are willing to experiment with  new strategies.


Advantages of our Platinum Client Program

Face to face meetings organized every three to six months to discuss your current strategy, its effectiveness, your goals and aspirations and the strategy required to achieve those goals. After the future strategy has been formulated we can now prepare action plans so as to make your employees aware of the direction the company is taking and their roles and responsibilities in this new setup.

Creation of personalized strategy, marketing and copywriting to drive your sales. We work with your to analyze your goals, existing strategy, current website and site traffic. We then create a plan to overhaul your marketing plan: increasing traffic, conversions and profit.

Effective implementation of CRM and web based strategies. For this we need your co-operation because it is only by team work can we successfully deliver an effective plan, in return you get access to some of the best programmers and designers on the planet.

Automation of systems We believe in automation as this helps you to free considerable time and resources to pursue your core growth areas. Our revolutionary technology ensures that it is easy to automate roughly all of your marketing processes. We then go through these systems to tweak areas that need attention and change them to maximize traffic.

Online / Offline Integration This is the key area which is often neglected by many companies with their focus being solely on online marketing. Being our platinum client we integrate and synergize your online campaign with direct mail prospecting in order to maximize your revenue potential.

We act just like a Chief Marketing Officer for your company. We help you in strategizing your online campaigns and also help to integrate all of your online campaigns in order to ensure that the entire marketing team is moving in the right direction and is on the same page as far as the broad contours of marketing are concerned.


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