Hubspot is running an article today on the 50/50 experiment.

What is this? This is a reference to marketing and how it’s done, how new ideas are collected and formulated. What is the 50/50 experiment and how does it work?

The goal? To end up with a list where at least one out of 50 ideas could be tweaked to drive the goals. Once you eliminate logistical factors like budget and business constraints, you’ll find that inspiration seems to flow far more freely. That was certainly the case for me.


Then, here’s what you do next:

Following my 50-minute blitz, I spent another ten minutes selecting what I thought were the ten best ideas. Two bubbled up to the top as solid, actionable, and within budget. They read something like this:

  • Implement a widget to capture email sign-ups when a user was showing behavior indicating they were about to exit the page.

  • Sponsor a charity golf tournament to showcase the product in action and sell it to “believers.”


So how does this help? It drives us to produce, to think, to create. And it’s at the heart of that creativity where we find, what’s best next.