Saving it up for a rainy day? What do you put it towards? Maybe it’s a frivolous buy…that new jacket or hat you’ve been eyeing. Or maybe it’s something a bit more substantial: saving for that home upgrade or rebuild you’ve been looking to do for a number of years.

Well, perhaps we’ve been using our marketing budgets in the same manner. Saving a penny here, adding it there, subtracting from over here and moving it into there. We take a look at how things are tracking. We watch where our money is going, and we spend accordingly.

According to a new report out mentioned by ClickZ, one place we aren’t saving/spending in is in the mobile marketing area. Here’s  a surprising fact:

It seems that pretty much everyone is using a mobile device or two at all times, yet mobile advertising only accounts for about 5 percent of the average brand’s budget.

5 percent!? Why? I do my weekly shopping from my smart phone. I read the news on my smart phone. I do business from my smart phone. In fact, if I have the choice between my laptop and my smart phone, well…you know what I’m going to say.

For a people who use their smartphones so much, we need to invest more in mobile advertising. If this is what people are using, then we need to bring our message to the people.

Now the problem is that it’s hard to track how many people are actually seeing our advertising and clicking through on their smart phones. But you see, that shouldn’t deter us from diverting a healthy portion of our marketing budget towards this area. We know the statistics,  we know what people are using, so let’s get our product and our message to them today.