Are you a stickler to policy? A man of the book? Someone who has a hard time coloring outside the lines?

Well, what if I were to tell you that coloring outside the lines is just the thing that you need to really set your customer service, and your business as a whole, apart from the rest?

What I mean is, customer service can be utilized as a marketing platform to get your business out there and heard.

Take for example Nordstrom, who will allow just about anything to be returned to them, even things they don’t really sell. So why is this relevant? Well, when we go about our customer service in that fashion, then we are coloring outside the lines. We are going against the grain. We are doing something that people will not normally associate with customer service, and that gets people talking. Did you hear that?

That. Gets. People. Talking.

That’s the hallmark of compelling marketing. Getting people talking.

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