Mashable has a great infographic charting today’s marketing and advertising landscape. It’s nice to see everything charted out for the eye so that with a quick scan you can see where things have been and where they are going. This helps you, as a marketer extraordinaire, to narrow down where you are going to sharpen up your focus.

For example, Pinterest itself recently as decided to offer conversion tracking for its customers. So here is one more social media platform that is joining the ranks of media advertising that you may want to be aware of and use in the near future.

So as you consider this and other possibilities through the infographic, you will see the trends of advertising and where the future may be. When Pinterest first started, it was unclear where the platform was going. To see it now as a potential for marketing just shows how shifts and trends can produce new horizons for these various platforms and their markets.

Social media advertising is constantly shifting, as more and more new apps and platforms come about. Are you prepared for the shifts coming in 2015? This infographic will at least be a first step in the right direction to get you there.

Take a look at the infographic for more important and relevant information to our industry. It is quite a feast for the eyes.

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