Marketing is communication. There’s no argument there, now is there? Ok…let’s push on: Marketing is two-way communication. Hmm…wait, something’s coming. What is it?

It’s just as important to market yourself and your product as it is to listen to the people that you are marketing your products to. It’s a two way street, or lane, of communication.

Once you understand this, then you will have no problem getting your marketing messages out there and heard. But for now, take a look at this article by the founder of Quick Sprout. It’s great, and it gets to the heart of what I’m talking about here. In it he discusses how he built his audience up by not just simply talking to them, but also listening to them, and then talking with them. It’s that last part that’s key.

Remember, any marketing strategy you employ for your business ought to have at its heart a conversation. It’s a conversation between you and your client. Are you discussing, or are you simply talking?