Already we are seeing reports for the holiday seasons. Marketing firms are looking at trends in buying, shopping, and even shipping(!) to see how the holiday seasons will pan out for people this year.

The above report has been analyzing such trends as to how people use their phones to shop rather than walk into brick and mortar establishments. It even looks at how shipping influences buyers when they compare and contrast options between various companies.

What does all this research tell us? Well, that consumers are researching YOU. With the availability of mass information these days on the net, people are easily looking up retailers and businesses, comparing and contrasting, looking for the best deals and the best reviewed sites.

So where do you stand in all of this? Have you done your own research on YOURSELF? 

Sounds kind of strange, doesn’t it? I mean, we know who we are…don’t we? We stand in front of the mirror daily and examine ourselves. We make sure those hairs are all in place and we are neatly groomed. Right? Right?!?

I don’t know about you, but I can’t remember the last time I gave a real close look to the “man in the mirror.” I’m in such a rush…I’m running all the time. I don’t have time to stop and gaze at myself and how I’m doing. And that’s usually when things fall apart for me. I get sick…because I didn’t see nor heed the warning signs. I go to the doctor and need to have him remind me to take my vitamins.

You catch what I’m saying here? Right?

We need to take a long look at ourselves, from time to time, to keep ourselves healthy. We shouldn’t wait for others to bring it up, or worse yet, for a visit to the doctor.

It goes the same way for our businesses. We need to look at it as the outside world sees it. As they are sizing us up, we need to size up our own businesses as well.

In other words, our businesses need to look at that ‘man in the mirror.’

Take a look today at how others, namely consumers, see you. Is there anything that can be tightened up? Fixed? Made clearer or better displayed? Is your product and your philosophy clear?

I guarantee you, if you don’t take a look at the ‘man in the mirror’ today, someone else is…and they may not like what they see. So let’s get those grooming shears out and get to work!