Maximizing the traffic to your website is not a one-time activity. It requires detailed analysis of your website, your local area and your industry. Search Engine Optimization is essentially a process by which you rank in the top visible pages, thereby giving your website the most attention and also maximize the chance of increasing visitors.

Although optimization strategies continuously evolve as the ranking process inherently depends on the policies adopted by the search engines (which in turn keeps changing), our team of highly experienced experts know the in and outs of the system. What does this mean in plain English? It means that no matter what roadblocks search engines put in our way, we work to make sure your website stands out with effective optimization.


What is a Local SEO?

It is the process by which you increase the rank of your website. The higher the rank the more prestigious and visible your website is. However, local SEO involves increasing the ranking of your website when anybody searches your area, suburb, district etc. Location based searches deserve special attention because location specific search results can create a sense of urgency in potential customers, turning them into actual customers.


Why is it important to invest in local SEO?

Did you know that when you search for a local hotel or restaurant, a Google map shows up at the top with a list of recommendations? Did you know more than 70% of the users go with the recommendations of Google, making it is extremely important for you to be first in Google search results. Tickle and Rapture will ensure that your company also appears in this list of local recommendations.

We also do organic listings for searches based on location. This is an extremely powerful tool and allows us to rank your website in as many as 200 different locations or suburbs. This boosts your traffic and increases potential customers.


How do our services help? 

Every Local SEO strategy has essentially two important parts. First, we get your website listed on Google Places so that when anybody searches for something relevant in your area, your company appears on Google maps.

The second part involves creating web pages which are area specific thereby customizing your website to suit each locale and also helps your rankings. We also use the latest and most proven SEO techniques in order to ensure that you rank at the top as far as Google search is concerned.


How do we optimize conversions?

The success or failure of conversions totally depends on whether you choose the right keywords or not. It is important that sufficient thought is given to using the proper keywords that have maximum impact and significantly improves the visibility of your website. Keywords are essential words to depict something, for example if you need to repair your water pipes you will key in “plumber or plumbing service”. It is therefore important that we understand the potential customer, because only then will we be able to incorporate the right keywords on our site. Location based keywords are very important as searches based on those parameters generally symbolize urgency on part of the user and hence it has a higher potential for conversion.