The Random Show! A weblog hosted by Tim Ferriss and Kevin Rose, both of who are very involved in the start-up industry. These two guys are really industry leaders who you ought to keep an eye on.

The Random Show is a show for them to talk about anything and everything they want…whatever is going on in their lives and whatever interests them at the moment. You know, the random stuff of life.

Well, their discussions are never far off from the topic of industry and start-up business. Yes, it is true the way it starts is a bit off the way-side, with Tim sharing his problem with lyme disease.

But once they start going, they have a lively discussion on unique start-ups as opposed to the cookie cutter type of start-up that is often flooding the market.

Another interesting aspect of their discussion is whether we are in a “tech bubble” or not. Kevin believes things are getting funded more quickly than ever before, and it’s a good time for such types of trends.

For more on this, see below…and keep your eye on this show because it is definitely one to watch.