News today that LinkedIn has partnered with WeChat to build out its social media platform. Now when you open up WeChat you can import all of your LinkedIn contacts and also post your own LinkedIn profile.

Why is this important for us, today?

Well, for a few reasons. WeChat currently boasts 600 million users and is used worldwide. It has a mass market in China and has really opened up international communications.

Now that you are able to couple LinkedIn with it you have a means of international marketing at your fingertips. Utilizing LinkedIn for your own business endeavors, and linking it with WeChat becomes a slam dunk for everyone involved.

Often as we post here, one of the things we are continually reminding people of is the need for continuing communication lines. With the continuing development of cell phone technology and worldwide communication, this makes for a great time to get that LinkedIn profile up to date and out there through your contact system in WeChat.

Now, don’t get me wrong…I’m not simply trying to foster support for 2 particular apps. Here me out: What I’m encouraging you to do is to think further about your utilization of social media in your own marketing, and showing how easy it is to establish and maintain, especially with these types of apps at our fingertips today.

So whether it is LinkedIn, WeChat, or your own social media platform…whatever it is, just make sure there is a platform there for you that you are actively using and contributing to. The connections you make and potential clientele for the future will be astronomical.