Did you invest thousands of dollars in online marketing, but failed to grab attention and maximize from the increased traffic? If the answer is yes, then it is time that you seriously analyzed the efficiency of your landing pages. The experts at Tickle & Rapture have been experimenting with landing page design and data and through this process we have evolved and developed innovative techniques that are proven to generate more leads.


Why choose us?

Unlike many of our competitors, our processes are not developed over a cup of coffee or a few Google searches, instead, we have researched industry best practices over the course of years and are able to develop fool-proof and time tested strategies to develop effective landing pages.

Since we use techniques that have proven to work and not by mere experimentation we save significant time and financial resources. Our landing pages are extremely focused and are geared to drive revenue, lower costs on marketing and thereby deliver a quantum leap in return on investments.


How we accomplish it? 

We use the latest techniques which are in step with changing policies of the search engines like Google. This helps us to easily sway to the market needs. We use techniques like sales copywriting, A/B split testing, and we also tie up with online PPC campaigns.


Sales Copywriting: We always believe that every visitor is a potential customer and so every word on your web page is strategically used in order to drive an interested visitor to become a customer and achieve sales lead, while reducing costs.

Our copywriting technique of attracting customers is about 120 years old and proven itself time and again irrespective of geography and culture. It delivers the right message to the right visitors and drives them to take action.


A/B Split Testing: One of the core reasons for ensuring high performance landing pages is because of a technique called A/B split testing. This involves testing design, writing and calls to action from one landing page against another with slightly different content. We also test different components of the pages against one another, for example testing of percentage based offers against dollar based offers. The slightest changes can make all the difference.

After this comprehensive testing, we understand what visitors to your site are looking for and help you generate maximum sales and drive your revenue online. However that is not the end of it, from there on we continuously monitor and evaluate your website to improve and optimize your landing pages performance and thus deliver sales at the lowest cost.


Tie-ups with PPC campaigns: In order to increase landing page traffic, you need the right funnel. Landing pages have proven to effectively maximize and improve the PPC campaigns making it important to have a tie-up with a PPC campaign. This also helps in selective targeting of potential customers and certain sections of the market to drive growth.


Reviews: There is a constant review of the performance of your landing pages to determine whether or not it is successful and it also helps us to fix any problems if they exist.


Contact us today to discuss how we can make our targeted landing pages work for you.