Running your own business is a full time job! Marketing it is even a fuller time full time job! And keeping up with all those business acquaintances in your network on top of all this makes for an impossible job! But it can be done. And we have some excellent help for you today to help get ‘er done.

In a recent interview, 10 entrepreneurs were asked how they manage to keep up with all those vital network connections and at the same time continue to nurture and grow their own businesses.

The answers are extremely helpful…some are hacky (meaning that they use software to manage these relationships, like email tracking software) and others were simply common sense (devoting a specific, daily 20 minute time to looking over and maintaining those connections).

Whatever the answer may be from these entrepreneurs I’m convinced that you will find (or be inspired to create) your own answer.


Read the full article here: 10 Ways to Keep Up With Your Professional Network Online


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