Instagram sure has come a long way from the initial days of simply taking, yup…you guessed it: #selfies.

Now, many marketers are using the platform to run their marketing strategies and thus end up reaching 1000s to even 10,000s of people. How? Instagram marketing contests are the rage these days. And with the utilization of the hashtag system they become very easy to deploy and manage.

What, exactly, is an Instagram contest? Well, depending on what your product is…whether it’s a service, product, or what not…you can run a picture contest offering your item as a reward. You deploy the contest via your own account, giving a bit of guidance via the picture and rules you post, and then you flood the various social media platforms with your post, but more importantly, with your hash tag.

As other people repost and re-hashtag, that tag will go viral and begin showing up in searches and feeds. As it shows up, guess what? Your name and product shows up as well. What you are in essence doing through such a contest is letting others do the leg work and heavy lifting of your ad campaign. The more they repost, the more you get free advertising. This becomes 10-fold, 100-fold, 1000-fold and so forth. There is an exponential possibility of exposure simply through the utilization of an Instagram contest.

So think today about how you might utilize this powerful platform for the sake of your business, because I guarantee you, Instagram is a lot more useful for things than just taking #selfies!

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