I know, I know…That line was never ever uttered on a single episode of Star Trek. But it is still one of the most popular non-existent, and most repeated lines ever that is meant to be a hallmark of the future, technology, and innovation that is to come.

Innovation is at the heart of all marketing these days. We see it with the continual work being done with smart phones and in-app integration. Now comes news today that Localytics new app, Profiles, is aiming to harness the power of smart phones data storage and aiming it squarely at the social media marketing segment of businesses.

A number of vendors in the traditional marketing automation space, which generally focuses on web, email, and social data, are reaching out to include app information in their universe of data. Adobe Marketing Cloud, Salesforce, and IBM’s Silverpop come to mind. And there are a probably 15 mobile analytics companies building engagement and marketing solutions specifically for mobile apps — essentially in-app marketing automation.

So you see then, Profiles is on the cutting edge of app development right now and seeing in many ways where the future of social media marketing will be going. In other words, “Beam me up, Scotty!”