Social media is the buzzword these days for businesses and entrepreneurs, and rightly so…because it’s through social media that such endeavors are made known and publicized. But have we been using social media wrong all these times, and is there a better way, a more efficient way to get our message across to the masses.

That’s the point of today’s article from Duct Tape Marketing. The point is not to jettison social media marketing altogether, but rather to fine tune it and use it in the manner it was meant to be used. They argue:

Many marketers and social media experts have made social media about many of the wrong things – it’s not a broadcast channel – it’s a tool for creating personal connections and sharing useful information. It’s not about building large and mostly hollow followings – it’s about finding the right group or the right handful of prospects that want very much to hear what you have to share.

So how have you been using it? Have you been broadcasting? Or have you been specific and strategic? If that’s a question you’re not sure of the answer to, hit the link and find out more today.