Wow, here’s a great article for you to consider this morning: The Ultimate Guide to Hiring Effective Marketers.

Hubspot points out the qualities of an effective marketer. The look at such things as adaptability. What does this mean? Well, consider the changing landscape of marketing today. For a while the buzz around town was the idea of social media marketing. Using Facebook and Twitter to drive all of your traffic.

Then, later, it became content marketing through blogs. And now we are in the age of infographics. What’s the sign of a great marketer? Someone who is adaptable and can do all of these things today.

He has to be able to transform with the shifting landscape of marketing in this digital age. Think of that above list…1 is not more important than the other. All of them together are equally important and must be used on a regular basis. You will need someone who can adapt to all these things.

Take a look at the rest of the suggestions…it’s a highly informative article.