One of the most oft sought out things in the mindset of an employer as well as an employee is the productive work place. At one time, people thought such a notion was like finding a unicorn…it’s a myth. It doesn’t exist!

But this isn’t true. Productive workplaces are all around us, and yours too can be just as if not more productive than others. How, you’re wondering?

Take the lead from today’s article on productivity in the workplace. It lays out for us a few simple things that can be done to instill a sense of pride and appreciation for the workplace. Things like providing free coffee and beverages to employees while they work.

Think about it this way: Having a break room supplied with a never-ending supply of fresh coffee will keep the troops well caffeinated throughout the day and thus working on all 4 cylinders.

Or how about providing fresh fruit in the break room? Such a healthy snack will give your employees the sense that you do care for their health and well-being, and aren’t simply interested in what they are doing for your business. And this is true, right? The more we invest in them the more they will invest in us.

So stock that break room…and give them a break so they may be even more productive for you throughout the day.