A new line of furniture is being released which is advertised as the furniture that grows with your child and you. What does this mean? It’s a reconfigurable furniture that allows for variations as one gets older and matures. Take a look…trust me, there’s a point:



As people change, which inevitably they will, this furniture will change with them to meet their life goals and demands. So, for example, as a baby you might need that first crib, but that’s only for a while; perhaps the first year or so. What happens after that? Well, with most cribs it is probably thrown out, but with Dot and Cross you have a crib designed to be repurposed so it may be used now as a bed, or converted into a desk. You see, there are a multitude of variations which are applicable to life’s demands.

Growth is inevitable. And it’s a good thing. For growth reminds us of progress and maturity. One thing that any client will look for in a new venture with a company is growth potential. Is this new company going to be able to grow with me and meet my life’s demands as they pop up? This is obviously a huge question, and one that is not easily nor readily answered.

How can we know what those life demands are for each individual person? We can’t. However, what we can know are what may be deemed as natural progressions in our own businesses and lives. Meaning, just as it is natural for a baby to eventually start crawling and then start walking, we should look at our own businesses and ask what are the natural progressions in business that our customer base might have.

When we begin to do this we begin to anticipate life and grow with our clients. Growth…it’s inevitable. Are you growing with your clients today?