Google has been working on its mobile apps as of late. It’s no secret that the internet giant has its feet firmly planted in the streams of innovation and the mobile platform. Now comes word that its mobile search results have recently been updated.

The new format makes one stop information like location, reviews, and internet media more readily available. In many ways the app is a one stop see all for someone searching for things on their phone. They really don’t have to look up, not even for a split second, as the app will also guide you right to the location of the particular place you are searching for via the map.

This certainly begs the question: Are our businesses in the business of marketing themselves online? Because people in general are in the business of looking for, sharing, and even writing reviews while on their phones standing in line.

So what does your own digitial thumbprint look like? Perhaps its time to put some time into it, because people are looking for it today. To find out more, see the following article.