Google is so pervasive throughout the internet that it’s hard to imagine when there was a day it was not. Today we see google in our inboxes with gmail. We see google in our browsers with Chrome. And of course, all of us are used to that phrase, “google it!” Google is everywhere. It’s on our screens and in our homes via android.

So what’s next for the internet giant, and how does it impact all that you do in your own work of promoting and marketing your business? Well, today to answer that question we  have a brief panel discussion from some SEO specialists and social media marketing experts. We would definitely want to heed some of their advice, because they have had their eye on google from the very beginning.

Take for example Caleb Donegan, a social media expert who predicts that there will be a slow down in the Search Engine algorithm. Now if this is true, well then, this is huge. It would effectively mean that businesses can really focus on building out their presence on the internet.

Marcus Miller of Bowler Hat believes that results will in fact become more localized and personal. This is fantastic because it points to a unique experience between user and the internet.

Well take a read of the other specialists and see their predictions of where things are going in the coming year.

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