Do you want to generate a massive number of leads at lower costs? You can achieve this by opting for our unique Gold Client Program.

The Tickle and Rapture Gold Client Program is truly a one of its kind program designed to maximize revenue potential from your website and in return optimize return on your investment.

By choosing us as your partner, you join with a company that has years of knowledge in this industry and rock solid data to back up our strategies,. We manage your website to boost traffic generation and conversion of traffic to bump up revenue and cut operating costs. If your website already is generating revenues, partnering with our Gold Client Program may increase your profits exponentially.


Why is our Gold Client Program unique?

With the increasing complexity of the internet, it is no longer sufficient to setup your website and then forget about it. Instead there has to be constant and rigorous monitoring of your online marketing to plug loopholes and also continuously optimize your website data to help you deliver maximum profits.

This is where the Gold Client Program kicks in. It allows you to attract and retain quality leads which helps you establish a long term and sustainable pipeline of customers for your business.


Benefits of Gold Client Program

The sole aim of the Gold Client Program is to attract and retain profitable online leads and, as a result, boost sales for your business by optimizing lead generation and conversion and building a customer database for your website.

For a very nominal cost we offer our team of highly trained Google Adwords experts and SEO gurus with their single minded pursuit of giving you maximum profits. Membership in our Gold Client Program actually connects potential buyers to your website and brings customers right to your doorstep, all you have to do is to maintain a good product line and deliver products on time.

We do not believe in trapping our clients and to that extent we don’t have any lock in period, what we do ask for is three months, as we need time to get acquainted with your business and to start delivering on the performance front. If you are still unsatisfied you are free to end the contract no questions asked

The Tickle and Rapture Gold Client Program also allows you to tap into the experience that we have gained over the years working in various industries, across various sectors and in vast verticals. This approach helps us choose only those strategies that are proven and avoids the waste of time and money on unproductive strategies.


Services offered with the Gold Client Program

We offer a concrete action plan which will be customized according to your needs and suitability:

  • Continuous review processes and constant feedback on results
  • Complete access to a dedicated Manager to handle accounts and marketing
  • Weekly analysis of Pay per click management
  • Constant monitoring of Search Engine Optimization
  • Frequent website updates
  • Customer Relationship Management
  • Direct response copywriting


Contact us today to see if the Gold Client Program is right for your business.

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