Genes. That’s where the secret is at. No, I’m not talking about jeans that we wear and the joy that comes from finding some loose pocket change, or even better, some bills. No, this is about our DNA, our genetic makeup. It seems that a new company is hoping to make a targeted prescription system based on an individual patient’s genetic makeup. This will be the most advanced and specific prescription system of our time. Truly, this is personalized and specific scripts for a new generation. Take a look at the announcement below, and then consider a few things with me afterward:



It makes you think about our own marketing and advertising. Can we treat people all the same just as prescription medications once did? Just as the clip states, we need a new generation of targeted, person specific marketing. How can this be done? Well, this is an aspect of the near future. Targeting specific types of ads to specific types of individual people. Though the future is still some time off, we do have alternatives in place right now that can be readily utilized. Think for a moment about demographic ad work.

Demographics, or looking at specific cross segments of society, is the closest we can get to gene-directed advertising. For as we know, Minority Report is a bit still in the future (remember the cool ads typed to a person’s genetic structure in that movie?), but if we utilize demographic-based ads then we will be light years ahead of the competition.

This is where our marketing is going. Are you with it, or are you still trailing behind. It’s time to get on board and utilize this powerful tool in online advertising.

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