Ever see a baby take its first steps? Things are always a bit shaky…a bit tentative…a bit awkward. Just like that baby, our first steps in starting up a new business can be just as shaky and most assuredly awkward.

So what’s a baby business to do?

Today we have a wonderful post from Small Business Trends on taking the first five steps to your new business. 5 is a good number, right? I mean…if you get 5 steps in a row then you are on your way. Well, let’s take a look at what a few of these steps are:

Step 1 is to develop your business idea…

  • Look at your competitors. What are their strengths? What areas are they leaving wide open for you?

  • Determine your unique selling proposition. Will you be the cheapest? Best quality? Unique in some other way?

Do you have a viable business idea…will it whether the storm? Will it make it past that awkward stage of growth and find its “legs,” so to speak?

The next 4 steps in getting your business up and walking are equally as important, and in fact build off of this first. Take a look at the article and see how it can help you today…

Go from shaky baby steps to confident adolescent strides! Happy reading…and good luck on standing up and taking that first step. After that, it’s one foot in front of another.