Here we have put out the list of commonly asked questions. If you still need additional information, please contact us and we will be glad to answer your queries.


What do we do?

We lend a helping hand to firms and companies by helping them optimize their online marketing strategies that generate high performance traffic that will boost sales and increase revenue. Our approach is holistic, meaning that we spread our findings across all of our services. When we find an opening or hole to fill, we apply it to all aspects of our strategy.

Unlike our competitors, who focus on rankings, we have believe in maximizing your profits and driving real revenues through careful optimization of your business sales processes.


How can we help you?

With our years of experience in this trade we know exactly which strategies work and are in a position to offer you the best and most high performing leads that will bump up your revenue.


How are we different?

There are many firms that promise to deliver results. What sets us apart?

Not rankings but Revenue: What is the use of online marketing and rankings if they do not drive sales of your products and brands, hence we focus entirely on improving your sales drivers by providing quality leads.

We are Involved: Unlike many other firms who mainly work as advisorate and work on the “shoot and scoot” principle we are a hands on company, and we will go into the root of your problems if any and try to optimize your revenue growth.

Methodology: Our exclusive Conversion Kaleidoscope ensures that we attract and subsequently monetize potential customers.


Why do we focus on generating sales leads?

We focus on generating good sales leads because this can be the biggest bottleneck for company growth and the easiest to overcome with targeted advertising and website optimization. We believe that the quality of the leads is more important than the quantity, so our marketing efforts are targeted towards sectors where we believe there is room for growth.


Who are our clients?

We are a global company, with clients throughout Asia and beyond. Unlike other companies, we do not have any restriction on the size of the companies that we deal with. We welcome any company large or small to partner with us.


How much do our services cost?

We have customized our packages into Platinum, Gold and Individual Plans that cater to any business. We also offer individual services, but feel that the holistic approach to marketing works best.


Will our marketing methods interfere with your work?

Absolutely not, we only support and complement your marketing activities. Our goal is to work behind the scenes and enhance and build upon the work you have done. We work to optimize your activities in order to generate more profits for you.


Do you assist start-ups?

Our program is essentially for existing businesses who have a developed product or service, however, in case of well-funded business startups we can help you accelerate faster.


Contact us today to discuss our availability and your options.