A recent chart that appeared online has the whole internet buzzing. It appears that Facebook video plays are outranking YouTube these days. This is amazing…well, if it were true.

We need to remember that Facebook utilizes auto-play for their videos, and this most likely accounts for the high rate of views on their site. So it’s not necessarily that users are choosing Facebook over Youtube, but rather that by utilizing the Facebook service and its auto-play, they are inadvertently contributing to the rise of views over YouTube.

Now this raises an interesting question for us. For you see, what Facebook has done here is coupled their platform with another service that we know already (from Youtube use) end users are interested in. So with this pairing, Facebook is effectively eliminating the competition by giving its users no reason to surf over to Youtube.

In business, we all have competition. And we all have services. What can we do as a business to make our service more all-inclusive rather than singular? What can we couple and offer together so that our competition has no excuse to seek out other services.

Perhaps we need to learn a thing or two from what Facebook is doing with their videoplay. Yes, it’s true that people are not going to stop using YouTube, and that they are still going to click over to it. But what Facebook is effectively doing is slowing the rate of that click over; getting people to stay a little bit longer on their platform. And who knows, eventually people may even forget what they were going to look at in the first place on Youtube and just stay the course at Facebook.

If you offered an all-inclusive service that wasn’t necessarily better than the competition, but rather just simply offered something akin to the competition…who knows, maybe your users would forget what they were going to look at and stay a little bit longer on your site.