Did you know that email marketing is one of the most successful marketing strategies available today? With high conversion rates, targeted marketing opportunities and the chance to hold your customer’s attention for up to a minute, email marketing is a great way to connect with possible customers and retain current ones. Let our team of experts help you build a rock solid email marketing strategy today!


Why do you need a company with experience to handle your email marketing?

  • Email-marketing is extremely competitive as it is pursued by almost all the players in the market, standing out in the crowd is a huge challenge.
  • Do you have it in you to single handedly pursue email marketing at the risk of losing focus your core business?
  • 84% of all email traffic will be spam, you need to stand out and make sure that your message successfully reaches your potential customer’s inbox


How do we help?

  • Our email marketing strategy works in sync with your online marketing strategy, creating a multi-platform approach to the same goals.
  • We develop campaigns that are sustainable in the long term so that once they are setup, they require little or no attention. This helps you to focus on the core development areas of your company.
  • Our conversion techniques are time tested and have delivered across a range of industries and sectors. You can count on the effectiveness of our emails to create new customers and retain existing relationships.
  • We design all your emails and templates so that you don’t have to worry about upkeep and design.
  • After synchronizing our email marketing with your online marketing, you will witness an incredible jump in your sales drivers and will also get a boost in investment returns.


Email Database

We give you a database of emails so that you can target members for any upcoming promotion campaigns that you may have planned or will plan in the future. These data banks are not just random email addresses; they are carefully chosen to optimize your conversion rates. Using our proven conversion techniques, we help you design landing pages that are tailored to the emails you send and we also provide assistance in the development of squeeze pages to build a reliable database from your existing traffic.

You don’t need to only offer discounts to get noticed, just sending out a holiday email or birthday greetings can result in good feelings towards your company and build confidence with existing and potential customers.


Email Autoresponders

Our email marketing is unique as its active continuously and when it is not overtly advertising it keeps a constant connection with your prospects and increases your brand awareness so that when your services or products are needed, they think of you. The advantages of autoresponders are:

  • Your email runs continuously like an auto pilot without your interference for as long as you require.
  • Since it works continuously, it helps increase brand image and thus increases conversions at no extra cost.
  • At the click of button, you can access all the statistics pertaining to your email marketing
  • Since it is an autoresponder, once the email is setup there are no fees and it essentially works for free.


Contact us today to start maximizing your email marketing.