Have you heard the rumblings, lately? There’s a new kid on the social media platform block. It’s name is Ello, and it’s supposed to be the advertising-free answer to Facebook.

Hmm…sounds like the makings of a Facebook killer? Probably not. I don’t think the social media giant known as Facebook has too much to fear right now.

So if that’s the case, then why are we talking about Ello? One reason, a reason that Duct Tape Marketing spells out for us today very clearly: social media matters to people.

People want to connect, and that connection is not simply to each other, but also smart marketing that is driven towards the community, and not necessarily the consumer. What does this mean? Smart marketing takes into consideration all that a person is via their likes and dislikes, their clicks and browsing. It takes into account who the person is as a person, and not just a source of payday.

I’m curious, is our own marketing taking such things into consideration? Rather than thinking from the perspective of our product, perhaps we need to think from the perspective of our consumer.

Perhaps it’s time for us to say ‘ello to those we are marketing towards.