3 tiny words (yes, I know one’s a contraction…but stick with me, here): I. Don’t. Know.

Every leader ought to know them. Every leader ought to use them. Today at inc. Mark Suster shares one of the most important blog entries that I think you, as a CEO or entrepreneur, could ever read.

In this post he outlines why these words are important to you, the leader and developer of a company. He recounts a lesson learned from a rabbi,

She reminded us that in the world we live in, we are often expected to be experts. We are expected to know everything and many people rush to conclusions given a limited set of information.

Isn’t this so true in the day and age we live? We think we need to know the answer now, and we are in fact afraid to say to ourselves, let alone anyone around us, that I don’t know.

But when we don’t admit this to ourselves, we end up rushing the conclusions with limited knowledge/data. And this is where the mistakes are made…in our business, in our direction, in everything.

To lead means that sometimes you’re not going to have all the answers. Plain and simple. Yet, so powerful.

Take a read, because…well, I don’t know, maybe it will just help.